About me

I went to college thinking I would be a psychology major and finished with a degree in studio art, specifically painting. I think that progression speaks to what originally attracted me to the field of UX. It seemed to be at the intersection of everything I had practiced and was passionate about in my life. Up to that point, my professional background was mostly centered in customer service, where I was actively designing experiences for people in order to meet certain business goals. Abstracting away from these company-specific goals, I realized what I enjoyed and was best at was learning about people and delivering services and experiences that best met their needs.  I utilize my background and interests, along with UX skills and knowledge, to guide my design process.

As I continue to grow as a designer, I am motivated by the principle of designing for impact and constantly asking questions (the most important being “why?”) Good design reaches through time, past the novelty of a one-time interaction. I believe that design affects everyone, every day and that we, as designers, have a social responsibility to create experiences that are ethically sound and human-centered.